Healed Of Liver Failure

In Mexico, a young man who was admitted in the hospital for three months heard about us and his father brought him to the church the next day. He was scheduled to have a liver transplant. While he heard the gospel, the father and son gave their lives to Jesus.

“Books Should Not Be Thrown Away”

During the Communist era of Albania, a Muslim man found a small book on the ground and brought it home. He thought to himself “books should not be thrown away” so he kept it. It was the Gospel of John. The man’s young son, Iliri, picked it up and started reading it. He was captured by the words right from the first chapter.

The Regional Impact of One Old Bible

Buo lives in a historical town along the coast of China. He was from Mongolia where he and his family lived on a farm raising animals. As a young man, Buo suffered from illness and sought treatment at various hospitals. The doctors were unable to diagnose him, causing years of unexplained suffering.

Covid-19 Relief for Asia

We believe that in every moment of crisis, God is offering an opportunity for something miraculous. It is up to us to respond with courage and faith. While the people of the world suffer great loss from Covid-19, our missionaries have found ways to reach communities with food supplies and the gospel.

Future Monk Finds Jesus

There is a young man from a prominent Buddhist family in Thailand. His grandfather is the “revered head monk” of one of the largest Buddhist monasteries, and is known throughout the region. His giant-sized statue overlooks the winding road on the main highway leading up the mountain. This young man was next in line to become the head monk of the famous monastery.