Harvest Now consistently provides support to communities in many different nations. Our leaders use the resources to fund outreaches, Pastor & Leader conferences, education, and basic necessities like food. We also undertake needs and special projects as they arise, such as disaster relief, vehicles, and the construction of new buildings. We invest in these projects because we have seen such a positive outcome over the years, and in many facets. Transformations can be as simple as instilling values in a young child, to creating hope for an entire community. When you help us take on a project, you directly influence someone’s life for the better.

Covid-19 Relief

Due to the growing needs of the pastors, missionaries, and believers in Asia, we are praying for an increase of support to come in. Our goal is to send support to provide food and urgent supplies for 5,000 families suffering from the pandemic. While much of the world is beginning to open, the lockdown continues in Asia. In every community and nation we work in, we have partnered with local churches and our missionaries overseeing the food distribution. People have come from all directions to receive the urgent supplies. Thank you for your generous support toward this project, providing relief for India, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam.