In the world today there are about 4.6 billion children. This is more than half of the entire population. Billions of young minds, who are learning about life. Countless children being molded by their surroundings. They are the future, brimming with dreams and potential. Imagine living in a world where every child had such hope. Yet this is not a reality for many children. According to UNICEF, every fourth child born into this world will live in poverty.

Many children will resort to living in dumpsters, unsafe homes, or on the streets homeless. It takes more than financial resources to break the strongholds of poverty. It is a vicious cycle that can be passed from generation to generation, until the power of God intervenes. 

The Harvest NOW Children’s Homes give these same children a safe and loving home-environment to grow into leaders & world changers. Many came from backgrounds steeped in idol worship and sacrifice. Now they are leading worship, studying the Bible and praying together daily. The children living in a sponsored Children’s Home were nominated by a local mission’s team working in their area. We are committed to the long-term care of each child entrusted to us. Our children receive a bed, clothes and shoes, healthy meals, the opportunity to attend school, medical assistance, and the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Meet Luka

“I am Luka, my siblings and I lived with our mother in the forest in Cambodia. We lived in a makeshift hut made from wood and leaves that my mother built. We didn’t have water or electricity. Our roof would always leak when it rained. We lived off the vegetables that my mom planted and my brother and I went hunting for anything we could find. We walked three miles each way to go to a nearby school without shoes. Not having notebooks, pencils, or a school uniform made me feel very insecure and of less value. One day I was given the opportunity to go to a Children’s Home operated by Harvest Now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I could live and go to school. I was 10 years old at the time. It was there that I really understood the gospel and received the Lord as my Savior. While being there the Lord has provided for every single need that I have had. I felt so privileged to live there and be able to focus on my studies. When I first started attending church, I remember telling the other kids that someday I want to be a church leader. At the time I was just dreaming. Now I have finished high school and I am studying in Bible school. My pastor has taken me under his wing and has been training me and giving me many responsibilities in the church, including teaching the children and interpreting for guest speakers. This is a dream come true for me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to come to the Children’s Home.”