Guine was born into a Christian family. At the age of 15 he gave his life to Jesus and was transformed by the power of God. When he was 17, God called him to serve in full time ministry. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. While working among the unreached people in remote parts of Asia, revival broke out leading to hundreds of thousands of people giving their hearts to Jesus! Seeing these signs, wonders and miracles as in the book of Acts, Guine was more determined than ever to bring this same gospel to our generation. Guine Anderson is the founding President of Harvest Now Inc., a non-profit mission’s organization spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ across Asia and around the world. He is also is the senior pastor of The Victory Churches that he has started throughout Asia.

Lisa grew up in a missionary family in Italy. She met the Lord in a personal way at the age of six. She served along with her parents in church ministry, tent crusades and children’s outreaches. As a teenager she traveled the country singing with “Galed”, an Italian Christian band. When Lisa was 21 years old she returned to the United States to study at Christ for the Nations. After graduation, she followed her calling to preach the gospel in Asia. Here she was actively involved in street evangelism and ministering among the Vietnamese refugees. Lisa and Guine met in Hong Kong, were married, and had three children. Currently, they are based out of Houston, Texas and travel to the mission field on a monthly basis. Lisa is an ordained minister and serves locally and internationally as the founding Vice-President of Harvest Now Inc. She is involved in training worship leaders and women in ministry, hosting conferences and organizing outreaches for children. Lisa has also written her first teaching book titled, “Worship, True and Simple”.