China Kids & Youth Ministry

Our daughters and their team just returned from Hong Kong and China. This is a summary of their report: The first part of our trip was our annual English Camp held in China for children ages 2-13. These 70-some kids come from families too poor to hire a private tutor like their highly competitive classmates. Since they are minors we were not legally allowed to share the gospel, but we taught through stories and songs that conveyed how much Jesus loves them and that God made them perfectly.

Pray for the Persecuted Believer in Asia

We have just arrived in Northern China. We will be meeting with many pastors that are working under difficult circumstances. Believers in China are facing persecution, as the government fears the “western influence” of Christianity. We will be traveling great distances to bring encouragement, financial support and to minister to the believers. In addition, our partners in China have expressed a need for 3,000 Bibles for the underground churches. Each Bible costs $2.50, and we would greatly appreciate your support towards this project.

Future Monk Finds Jesus

Greetings from Thailand, also known as the land of smiles. In Bangkok, we ministered in a new church called Life Church. They have two campuses and are doing an amazing work to reach the heart of the capital. Our new friendship with Pastor Daniel and his wife has been a divine connection. They were so blessed, and asked us “if we were angels”. The following day they invited our team to come back and teach their young church leaders.