During the Communist era of Albania, a Muslim man found a small book on the ground and brought it home. He thought to himself “books should not be thrown away” so he kept it. It was the Gospel of John. The man’s young son, Iliri, picked it up and started reading it. He was captured by the words right from the first chapter. He kept on until he finished it. The whole time he was saying to himself, how can I love this story of Jesus while being a Muslim? At that time he started a three-day fast according to the Muslim tradition. During the fast he asked God to reveal the truth to him. During the night he had a dream where he saw Jesus on the cross. That was his answer, Jesus is the truth. He decided to go ahead and pray the salvation prayer at the back of the little book. Even while knowing there would be persecution, he decided to start telling people that he was a Christian. The more he was brave and lived the Christian life in public, the more God started blessing his life and prospering him. Today, Iliri has been serving the Lord for many years. The Lord blessed him with a precious family, and he is reaching his nation for Jesus.