Healed Of Liver Failure

In Mexico, a young man (second from right) who was admitted in the hospital for three months heard about us and his father brought him to the church the next day. He was scheduled to have a liver transplant. While he heard the gospel, the father and son gave their lives to Jesus. we gave a prophetic word to the young man that he would NOT need a transplant, but that God would heal him. While we laid hands and prayed for him God touched him and healed him completely. He went back to the hospital that night, and after the doctors did all the tests and x-rays, they told him there was no need of a transplant as his liver was healed. The next day the father returned to the church with the biggest smile to share how God had healed his son. This healing miracle brought a lot of joy in the hearts of the people. Through many other signs and miracles God confirmed His Word during our ministry time in Mexico.

“Books Should Not Be Thrown Away”

During the Communist era of Albania, a Muslim man found a small book on the ground and brought it home. He thought to himself “books should not be thrown away” so he kept it. It was the Gospel of John. The man’s young son, Iliri, picked it up and started reading it. He was captured by the words right from the first chapter. He kept on until he finished it. The whole time he was saying to himself, how can I love this story of Jesus while being a Muslim? At that time he started a three-day fast according to the Muslim tradition. During the fast he asked God to reveal the truth to him. During the night he had a dream where he saw Jesus on the cross. That was his answer, Jesus is the truth. He decided to go ahead and pray the salvation prayer at the back of the little book. Even while knowing there would be persecution, he decided to start telling people that he was a Christian. The more he was brave and lived the Christian life in public, the more God started blessing his life and prospering him. Today, Iliri has been serving the Lord for many years. The Lord blessed him with a precious family, and he is reaching his nation for Jesus.

The Regional Impact Of One Old Bible

Buo lives in a historical town along the coast of China. He was from Mongolia where he and his family lived on a farm raising animals. As a young man, Buo suffered from illness and sought treatment at various hospitals. The doctors were unable to diagnose him, causing years of unexplained suffering. His neighbor, an elderly man, prayed for him and he eventually received Jesus. He acquired an old Bible and would read in the hospital. His neighbor prayed for his healing as well, and he became completely healed. Buo was married shortly after and had a son. He and his family dedicated their lives to the service of God.

Buo received a vision to build a simple church. He and his wife felt led to release all their worldly goods, including their inheritance and finances, to the Lord. They depended solely on the goodness and provision from above, and within a year they were blessed with 100,000 Yuan (approximately $15,000 USD). Praise the Lord!

The time came to expand their house church and they desperately needed Bibles, so they came together to fast and pray. Buo drank nothing but water for 40 days. They waited patiently and felt peace in their hearts. After a time, the Lord provided them with several hundred Bibles to distribute among the believers! The church members felt encouraged and victorious in Jesus’ Name. Quickly this news spread and many came to witness God’s goodness to His people. As a result, people were saved and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Today, Buo and his family travel to preach the Good News and have already planted several other churches in that region. They continue to believe God to enlarge their territory. Buo is delighted to receive the needed Bibles for all his congregations through Harvest Now. Thank you very much.