China Kids & Youth Ministry

We send you greetings from Agua Viva Church in Mexico. We had a powerful men’s meeting Saturday night and two services on Sunday, which kicked off the 5-day revival. People are so hungry here and it is rewarding to preach and minister to people from all sectors of society.

Our daughters and their team just returned from Hong Kong and China. This is a summary of their report:

The first part of our trip was our annual English Camp held in China for children ages 2-13. These 70-some kids come from families too poor to hire a private tutor like their highly competitive classmates. Since they are minors we were not legally allowed to share the gospel, but we taught through stories and songs that conveyed how much Jesus loves them and that God made them perfectly. We also ministered to their parents individually on the last day, when they came to watch the students’ performances.

The second part of the trip was a Youth retreat in Hong Kong, and many teens travelled from Mainland China to be with the Hong Kong teens. As tensions run high between the two governments, it was uncomfortable for many campers the first few days to spend time together. As the days went on, and we believed God for a spiritual awakening, we saw that every single person was holding on to deep hurts and struggles that kept them hopeless. Over the week we ministered and shared our personal testimonies, and taught them to surrender their cares to God.

On the last night, our scheduled time for games became an incredible testimony service. These kids were healed of depression, prejudices, fear, addictions, abandonment, insecurities, and pain. The days after camp, we heard reports that the teens would wake up early to pray, travel between Hong Kong and China to be with their newfound friends, testify in church, and even bring their parents. It was an honor to be a part of, and we give all glory to God for every good report.

Your partnership is a great blessing to us. Believe with us as we pray for increase to maintain our commitments in the mission field and to do even more to reach millions of people for Jesus. The blind see, the deaf hear, the orphans are cared for and churches are established in places where Christ is not known. We are praying for you every day, believing God to give you all that you need!

Together in the Harvest,

Guine & Lisa Anderson

Pray for the Persecuted Believer in Asia

We have just arrived in Northern China. We will be meeting with many pastors that are working under difficult circumstances. Believers in China are facing persecution, so please keep the Chinese people in your prayers.

We will be traveling great distances to bring encouragement, financial support and to minister to the believers. In addition, our partners in China have expressed a need for 3,000 Bibles for the underground churches. Each Bible costs $2.50, and we would greatly appreciate your support towards this project.

Our mission work across Southeast Asia continues to grow. The church buildings are full and new believers are added every week. Many have received water baptism, and most of them were from non-Christian families. There has been an increase in violence against pastors and missionaries, in an attempt to stop the move of God. Pray for believers around the world that they may be strong and bold in their faith despite the oppression. 

Next month Lisa and Joshua are making a trip to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam to share the gospel, preach in churches and meet with several of our ministry leaders. Thank you for praying for our safe travels. We appreciate your financial support for our mission work, for our pastors and missionaries, and for our Children’s Homes. It is harvest time in Asia and around the world. Your partnership is a great blessing to us and the people we serve all over the world.

Together in the Harvest,

Guine & Lisa Anderson

Future Monk Finds Jesus

Greetings from Thailand, also known as the land of smiles. In Bangkok, we ministered in a new church called Life Church. They have two campuses and are doing an amazing work to reach the heart of the capital. Our new friendship with Pastor Daniel and his wife has been a divine connection. They were so blessed, and asked us “if we were angels”. The following day they invited our team to come back and teach their young church leaders. Our next destination was the northern city of Chiangmai. We imparted into our dear friends who are working tirelessly to evangelize the nation. They are key pastors that operate many churches, bible schools, and orphanages. Since 2014, Thailand has been under martial law in order to prevent political unrests. March will be their election month, so pray that they will have the right leaders to run this nation of 80 million people.

We’ve heard great testimonies of how the Buddhists are coming to Jesus Christ. There is a young man from a prominent Buddhist family in Thailand. His grandfather is the “revered head monk” of one of the largest Buddhist monasteries, and is known throughout the region. His giant-sized statue overlooks the winding road on the main highway leading up the mountain. This young man was next in line to become the head monk of the famous monastery. However, he had a medical emergency when his kidneys began failing. After many medical procedures, he decided to attend church in desperation. He returned week after week, hearing the Word of God and receiving prayer until he was completely healed! This miracle led him to believe in Jesus Christ. As he now faces persecution from his own family, we are believing that they all will get saved.

Pray for great fruit to come out of this ministry trip as we are in Myanmar and Laos. This week in Myanmar we hosted an outreach where over 300 people came to Christ. We then ministered in a local church and visited our orphanage. It is wonderful to see the growth and progress of our missions in Myanmar. Now we are in Vientien, Laos—our last stop in this missions journey. Here we met some of our wonderful friends that are working strategically evangelizing the nation and making disciples. Our friends have started over 900 churches in Laos. Though it is a socialist country, and there are many restrictions and challenges, the hearts of the people are open. God is delivering people from the bondages of religion, oppression and darkness. Together with your prayers and partnership we are making a significant impact with the gospel. Thank you for standing with us, we love you and are praying for you every day!

Together in the Harvest,

Guine & Lisa Anderson