Dear Friends and Partners,

Our team had the most amazing time in Southeast Asia this month. We were in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. All three of these nations are Buddhist countries with over 140 million people living in them. Bound in idol worship and false religion, people have been in darkness for centuries. However in recent years, these governments’ openness to trade and tourism, has paved the way to the spreading of the gospel. God has heard the prayers of His people crying out for freedom and truth.

In Thailand we met with Pastor Paul who has pioneered 20 churches in different countries within Asia. We were able to encourage him with Godly counsel, as he is passionate about expanding God’s work in those nations.

Cambodia is home to 16 million people. The infamous crimes of Pol Pot during the 70’s marked the nation with pain and suffering. It was my (Guine’s) first time to Cambodia, and it was a joy to see the harvest of what Lisa and her teams of women have planted for the last 15 years. From building up churches, training pastors and leaders, and starting children’s homes, they have had diligently worked among God’s people. When we were there, we connected with local ministers; one pastor brought us around to see several recent church plants of his in Kendal province. We also were able to spend time with our children at the Cambodia Boys’ and Girls’ Home. They prepared special performances with songs and dance, our team brought an encouraging message, and we shared a meal together.

Myanmar (Burma) was a closed country until 6 years ago. As soon as the country opened, we started hosting conferences to equip Christians to reach their nation. In this trip we trained pastors and leaders, ministered in local churches, and visited our orphanages where we held a service for the children. There is much work to be done in all of these nations. Together with your prayers and partnerships we will do more in the coming days.

We are your hands and feet to the nations! On behalf of all of our pastors, missionaries, Victory Churches and orphanages we want to say thank you for your ongoing financial support. We pray God will return 100-fold into your life.


Together in the Harvest,










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